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    We Need Your Help to Continue Our Ministry!

    As we celebrate our 25th year of spiritual ministry here in Vermont, we pause to thank you for your generous support of St. Joseph’s Dwelling Place. Offering small or large donations, one time gifts or monthly pledges, people who have been touched and blessed by this Dwelling Place and Catherine Joanne’s ministry on the road have made it possible for us to continue to welcome individuals, couples and groups of all ages and walks of life to grow in peace, hope and spirituality.

    Even as we thank you, we turn to you again, and ask if you would consider a small or large gift to help us continue this work of hospitality at St. Joseph’s Dwelling Place. Perhaps you would consider placing us on a monthly gift schedule, an automatic payment plan, or even including us in your will as part of the spiritual legacy that you leave behind for future generations.

    Whatever you are able to do to assist us will be deeply appreciated, as we move forward with confidence in our mission: to welcome, serve and nurture the presence of God in each guest.

    Thank you,

    Catherine Joanne

    Catherine Joanne, Spiritual Director