Transition is defined as a process or period of changing from one state or condition to another.  For some of us, transition is longed for, welcomed, invited, sought after.  For others, not so much… 

Transition can sometimes come as an unwelcome surprise, and suddenly, we find ourselves thrust into a process of change that is necessary if we hope to survive, carry on, find our way into a new mode or phase of life we never asked for, nor thought we wanted.

Many people find their way to St.  Joseph’s Dwelling Place in time of transition.  Whether you are moving geographically, navigating your way through midlife, coping with divorce, discerning career changes, considering options after retirement, dealing with losses, beginning new careers or relationships… 

At these and other key moments, some reflective time to process with another person in the context of spiritual direction can prove very helpful: an opportunity to reset your personal GPS and check your spiritual roadmap as you continue your life journey.

Linda Ferriero of Florham Park, NJ, recently spent four days of retreat at St. Joseph’s Dwelling Place.



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