• Spiritual Direction

    What is Spiritual Direction?  Throughout the ages, people have sought advice from members of the community who seem to offer wise guidance, insight or inspiration.  In every faith tradition, and even outside the religious sphere, individuals emerge, sought out for assistance and support in penetrating life’s conundrums, making decisions, and processing problems.  This tradition…

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  • Transition

    Transition is defined as a process or period of changing from one state or condition to another.  For some of us, transition is longed for, welcomed, invited, sought after.  For others, not so much…  Transition can sometimes come as an unwelcome surprise, and suddenly, we find ourselves thrust into a process…

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  • To Live the Eucharist

    On this feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, we are invited to imitate the Presence of Jesus as he comes to us and remains with us in this Sacrament of Love. In the Eucharist, Jesus chooses to be small, weak, vulnerable, breakable, dependent on the instrumentality of a…

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  • Trinity and Relationship

    For me, God’s revelation of self as three Persons is an invitation to every kind of relationship with God we could ever desire in the course of our lifetime.  When we are younger, we need to relate to God from our perspective of loving, obedient child, so God is there for us as Father.  As we grow,…

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  • Listening to God

    On Saturday, May 16, Rev. Heidi L. Edson and members of St. Luke’s Episcopal Vestry in Chester, VT, gathered with Catherine Joanne for a day of prayer and reflection around the theme of “Listening to God”: how we can become better listeners personally and as communities of faith. The retreat…

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  • Angels Among Us

    What better day to paint our welcome angel than Ascension Thursday, when thoughts turn towards heavenly hopes and dwelling places?  Mary Pisaniello, who, with husband Bruno, helped found St. Joseph’s Dwelling Place 22 years ago, applies a coat of white to a pine tree carving done by Catherine in their early…

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  • Sabbath Refreshes

    What nurtures your soul and restores your spirit?  Sabbath expression is as individual as people are.  Enjoy or make music.  Paint, garden or dance.  Pray, read, reflect, worship.  Play, talk, laugh, love.  Prepare and delight in shared meals.  Gather with family, friends, community.  Walk, run or bike alone or with others in nature.   Create Sabbath time…

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  • Preparation for Spiritual Direction

    Janice Gallant, M.D. spent this weekend continuing her program in Preparation for Spiritual Direction and Retreat Ministry.  Jan is more than halfway through her first year of this two-year course of individual study, classes with Catherine Joanne during six formation weekends a year, and ongoing Spiritual Direction.  Contact us and we’ll be happy to…

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  • Why Celebrate Easter?

    Why celebrate Easter? Jesus’ Resurrection gives me hope that one day I will close my eyes in death and wake up in the arms of God. There I will await the final day when all people will share his liberation from death and rebirth into eternal life. Alleluia!

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  • Asking for Help

    Sometimes it’s easier for us to be in a position to give help to others, rather than to ask for help ourselves.  Jesus gives us the example of accepting help graciously and gratefully as he struggled on his way to Calvary.  As He carried the cross, He needed the presence…

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