• Sabbath Refreshes

    What nurtures your soul and restores your spirit?  Sabbath expression is as individual as people are.  Enjoy or make music.  Paint, garden or dance.  Pray, read, reflect, worship.  Play, talk, laugh, love.  Prepare and delight in shared meals.  Gather with family, friends, community.  Walk, run or bike alone or with others in nature.   Create Sabbath time…

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  • Marriage in Our Chapel

    Mark and Linda Emmons married today in our St. Joseph’s Dwelling Place Chapel in the presence of friends and family.  Chaplain David Onyon presided as light flooded the chapel and love flooded our hearts.  Many happy years, Linda and Mark!

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  • Preparation for Spiritual Direction

    Janice Gallant, M.D. spent this weekend continuing her program in Preparation for Spiritual Direction and Retreat Ministry.  Jan is more than halfway through her first year of this two-year course of individual study, classes with Catherine Joanne during six formation weekends a year, and ongoing Spiritual Direction.  Contact us and we’ll be happy to…

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  • Why Celebrate Easter?

    Why celebrate Easter? Jesus’ Resurrection gives me hope that one day I will close my eyes in death and wake up in the arms of God. There I will await the final day when all people will share his liberation from death and rebirth into eternal life. Alleluia!

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  • Asking for Help

    Sometimes it’s easier for us to be in a position to give help to others, rather than to ask for help ourselves.  Jesus gives us the example of accepting help graciously and gratefully as he struggled on his way to Calvary.  As He carried the cross, He needed the presence…

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  • Wisdom People

    Enjoyed a beautiful Sunday morning yesterday with a small congregation in Southern Vermont.  We reflected on the spiritual gifts presented in 1 Corinthians 12, beginning with the gift of Wisdom.  Wisdom is a gentle comprehension of the mysteries of life, of people, of God.  It is not necessarily an intellectual grasp of spiritual truths,…

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  • Still Having Fun in the Snow

    Temps rose this week, but still lots of snow on the ground and the ski slopes, with more on the way this weekend! Guests and folks on retreat enjoy hiking our brookside nature trail, gentle slopes and sledding hill on snowshoes and cross-country skis.

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  • Winter Private Retreats

      What better to do with snowy winter days when you’re a farmer than take a few days of rest and renewal? This week, Kara Fitzgerald of Evening Song Farm in Cuttingsville, Vermont is doing just that! Relaxing in our comfortable guest sitting room, she was as content as a cat curled up…

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